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Pace A, Villani V  
Extra-Cranial Metastases from Glioblastoma Multiforme

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2012; 2 (2): 91-92

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Figure 1: Spine T1-weighted MRI image fat-sat showing a diffuse signal alteration in the vertebral bodies plus the presence of tissue at the lumbo-sacral level.

Keywords: lumbo-sacral levelMRIspine
Figure 2: Spine T1-weighted MRI image with gadolinium. The red arrow indicates the epidural tissue in the epidural space at the lumbosacral level.

Keywords: lumbo-sacral levelMRIspine
Figure 3: Cervical spine T1-weighted MRI image with gadolinium showing a mild leptomeningeal enhancement.

Keywords: leptomeningeal enhancementMRIspine
Skeletal involvement
Figure 4: Radionuclide scan showing extensive skeletal involvement with diffuse vertebral and iliac bilateral localizations.

Keywords: radionuclide scanskeletal involvement
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