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Borchard U  
Pharmacological properties of beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 1998; 1 (1): 5-9

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Betablocker - Metabolismus
Figure 1: Metabolic pathways of -adrenoceptor blocking drugs in the liver. Glu = Glucuronide. The numbers indicate the following metabolic pathways: 1) Glucuronidation of the drug at the OH group of the side chain. 2) Aromatic hydroxylation and subsequent glucuronidation partly combined with the steps described under 3 and 4 (---). 3) Oxidative desamination. 4) Ether cleavage to phenol. 5) N-desalcylation.

Keywords: beta-blockerBetablockerLeberlivermetabolismMetabolismusSchema
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