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Köppel H et al.  
Specific dihydropyridines may affect gating properties of certain subsets of adenosin-triphosphate-dependent K-channels in myocardial tissue and hence modulate its response to ischaemia

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2000; 3 (2): 133-134

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Kalium - Ischämie
Figure 1: Potassium recordings on the surface of an isolated guinea pig papillary muscle in NT-solution. Ischaemic episodes are indicated with time bars. The preparation is stimulated at a frequency of 1 Hz. Surface recordings show the accumulation of potassium during simulated ischaemia with a subsequent decrease of surface potassium (Ks) upon reperfusion. In the presence of nisoldipine potassium rises to a much lesser extent than in the presence of the drug.

Keywords: DiagrammIschämieKaliumKaliumkanalNisoldipinnisoldipinepotassiumpotassium channel
Kalium - Ischämie
Figure 2: In a resting papillary muscle recordings of Ks show equal amounts of K-accumulation in the presence as well as in the absence of calcium (+EGTA).

Keywords: calciumDiagrammischaemiaIschämieKaliumKalziumpotassium
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