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Bartel T et al.  
Intracardiac Echocardiography - Technology and Clinical Role

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (2): 133-137

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Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 1: Right renal artery viewed from the inferior vena cava including color Doppler flow and spectral Doppler analysis. Ao = aorta; IVC = inferior vena cava

Keywords: Aorta abdominalisAorta abdominalisArteria renalisArteria renalisColordopplerechocardiographyEchokardiographieFarbdopplerVena cava inferiorVena cava inferior
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 2: Superior mesenteric artery shown by intravascular color Doppler

Keywords: Arteria mesenterica superiorArteria mesenterica superiorColordopplerechocardiographyEchokardiographieFarbdoppler
Intrakardialer Ultraschall
Figure 3: Left atrium, left atrial appendage, and left pulmonary veins demonstrated with the AcuNav(TM)-catheter being placed in the right atrium and lined up with the interatrial septum. Ao = aorta; LAA = left atrial appendage; LA = left atrium; LLPV = left lower pulmonary vein; LUPV = left upper pulmonary vein; RA = right atrium

Keywords: Arteria pulmonalisArteria pulmonalisAtriumAtriumCatheterechocardiographyEchokardiographieKatheter
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 4: Color-Doppler image of a left-to-right shunt due to a small ASD. Ao = aorta; LA = left atrium; RA = right atrium

Keywords: AortaAortaAtriumAtriumColordopplerechocardiographyEchokardiographieFarbdopplerShuntShunt
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 5: Device closure of a patent foramen ovale guided by intracardiac echocardiography with the AcuNav )(TM)-catheter placed in the right atrium and retroflexed into a short-axis orientation. Typical attitude before the Amplatzer (TM)-PFO occluder is removed from the cable. LA = left atrium; RA = right atrium; 1, right umbrella of Amplatzer (TM)-PFO occluder; 2, left umbrella of Amplatzer (TM)-PFO occluder

Keywords: Amplatzer-PFO-OccluderAmplatzer-PFO-OccluderAtriumAtriumCatheterechocardiographyEchokardiographieForamen ovaleForamen ovaleKatheter
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 6: Rhythmic motion of the AcuNav (TM)-catheter within the right ventricle causes pseudoparadoxical motion of the interatrial septum. IVS = interventricular septum; LV = left ventricle; LVPW = left ventricular posterior wall

Keywords: CatheterechocardiographyEchokardiographieKatheterSeptumSeptumventricleVentrikel
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 7: The AcuNav (TM)-catheter is now pressed against the lateral RV wall avoiding its motion within the right ventricular cavity. LV = left ventricle; RV = right ventricle

Keywords: CatheterechocardiographyEchokardiographieKatheterventricleVentrikel
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 8: The right ventricle viewed with the AcuNav (TM)-catheter pressed against the roof of the right atrium. LV = left ventricle; RA = right atrium; RV = right ventricle

Keywords: AtriumAtriumCatheterechocardiographyEchokardiographieKatheterventricleVentrikel
Intrakardiale Echokardiographie
Figure 9: Left and right pulmonary arteries viewed with the AcuNav (TM)-catheter in the pulmonary trunk. lPA = left pulmonary artery; rPA = right pulmonary artery; PT = pulmonary trunk

Keywords: Arteria pulmonalisArteria pulmonalisCatheterechocardiographyEchokardiographieKatheterTruncus pulmonalisTruncus pulmonalis
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