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Statins and Stroke: A Promising Approach Towards Stroke Prevention

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (2): 159-162

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Zerebrale Blutung
Figure 1: MR scans of a 74-year old patient with amyloidangiopathyinduced cerebral bleeding in the right parietal subcortex. In the haemosensitive scans (gradient-echo T2* sequences) numerous additional hypointense lesions are visible, indicating multiple silent cerebral "microbleeds". Such patients might bear an additional risk for a recurrent haemorrhage if cholesterol or LDL is markedly reduced below normal.

Keywords: AmyloidangiopathieamyloidangiopathyBleedingBlutungLesionLäsionMagnetic Resonance TomographyMagnetresonanztomographieMicrobleedsMikroblutungSubkortexSubkortex
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