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Zijdewind J et al.  
Case Report: Primary Leptomeningeal Melanoma in a Patient with Neurocutaneous Melanosis

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2013; 3 (3): 141-142

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Leptomeningeal Tumour
Figure 1: Intraoperative photograph after opening of the dura, showing a black leptomeningeal tumour in the left frontal region. Of note is the spotty black appearance of the arachnoid, which is not continuous with the tumour, consistent with neurocutaneous melanosis.

Keywords: leptomeningeal tumourphoto
Leptomeningeal Tumour
Figure 2: Transversal section of contrast-enhanced T1 MRI demonstrating a left frontal, inhomogeneously contrast-enhancing, and space-occupying lesion with oedema in the surrounding brain tissue.

Keywords: leptomeningeal tumourMRI
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