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Stoupel E et al.  
Heart-mood-death: the clinical expression of the cholesterol-serotonin controversy by the temporal distribution of deaths from coronary heart disease and suicide

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2000; 3 (3): 173-176

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Suizid - Israel, Litauen
Figure 1: Distribution of monthly suicide deaths in Israel and Lithuania

Keywords: DiagrammIsraelIsraelLitauenLithuaniaMonatmonthsuicideSuizid
Todesursachen Litauen
Figure 2: Pearson correlation coefficients (r) and their probabilities (p) between monthly number of deaths from IHD, stroke, suicide and accidents (Lithuania, 1990–1996, 84 months' data)

Keywords: accidentcause of deathDiagrammischaemic heart diseaseischämische HerzkrankheitLitauenLithuaniaSchlaganfallstrokesuicideSuizidTodesursacheUnfall
Todesursachen Israel
Figure 3: Correlation coefficients (r) and their probabilities (p) between number of monthly deaths from ischaemic/coronary heart disease, stroke and suicide and nine cosmophysical parameters in Israel

Keywords: Astrophysikcause of deathcoronary heart diseasecosmophysicsDiagrammischaemic heart diseaseischämische HerzkrankheitIsraelIsraelKoronare HerzkrankheitSchlaganfallstrokesuicideSuizidTodesursache
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