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Grisold W, Grisold A  
Nerve Infiltration: Where, When, and How? An Introduction

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2014; 4 (2): 58-60

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Meningeal infiltration
Figure 1: Meningeal infiltration. The dura mater continues as the perineurium. In general the tumor cells do not spread beyond this boundary centrifugally. (A) tumour spread in the subarachnoid space. (B) Lumps and nodules consist of tumour cells and have their own vascularisation. RM: spinal cord; DRG: dorsal root ganglion

Keywords: dorsal root gangliondura matermeningeal infiltrationperineuriumschemespinal cordsubarachnoid space
Nerve infiltration
Figure 2a-b: (a) Nerve infiltration. A. Nerve compression and invasion. B. Intranerval metastasis. C. Tumour spread within the nerve. D. Intravascular lymphoma. EpineurialV: epineurial vessel; EndoV: endoneurial vessel. (b) Spread of tumours along nerves. R & A: Retrograde and anterograde spread (red arrows). Spread via anastomosis a between different nerve territories

Keywords: intranerval metastasisintravascular lymphomaInvasionnerve compressionnerve infiltrationschemetumourtumour spread
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