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Selb Semerl J, Kenda MF  
Out of Hospital Sudden Cardiac Death Among Physically Active and Inactive Married Persons Younger than 65 Years in Slovenia

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2003; 6 (1-4): 63-67

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Aktivität - Plötzlicher Herztod
Figure 1: Highest level of physical exertion (Physical Activity Rating Scale) performed by sudden cardiac death victims on the day of death by gender (1: sitting or lying awake; 2: sitting performing easy tasks; 3: very light; 4: light exertion with normal breathing; 5: moderate exertion with deep breathing; 6: vigorous exertion with panting, overheating; 7: heavy exertion with gasping, much sweating; 8: extreme or peak exertion).

Keywords: AktivitätdiagramDiagrammfemaleFraugenderGeschlechtMaleMannPhysical Activityplötzlicher Herztodsudden cardiac death
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