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Gasser R et al.  
Ultraweak Electromagnetic Fields and Sub-Atomic Dynamics - A Possible Subset of Signal-Transduction and -Storage Mechanisms in the Cardiovascular System (Non-Linearity, Small Scale Fluctuations and Predictive Aspects

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2003; 6 (1-4): 87-92

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KATP-Kanal - Phosphatabhängigkeit
Figure 1: Ischaemia-induced increase of open-probability of voltage gated ATP-dependent K-channels during high-energy phosphate depletion verified using luciferin-luciferase technique. Slope-conductance of isochronal current-voltage relationship of a voltage-clamped sheep Purkinje strand from own experiments. The experiment indicates high energy phosphate dependence of gating properties of certain subjects of transmembrane channels. Modified after [6].

Keywords: diagramDiagrammhigh-energy phosphate depletionischaemiaIschämieKATP-channelKATP-Kanalopen-probabilityPhosphatPurkinje strandPurkinje-FasernÖffnung
Leitfähigkeit - Magnesium
Figure 2: Results from own voltage-clamp experiment using isolated cardiac sheep Purkinje strands, where the slope conductance increases when extra-cellular Mg (Mgo) is reduced. The isochronal current-voltage relationship under control conditions (filled triangles) changes after reducing Mgo to near zero (open triangles) and the outward current increases at depolarised potentials. The presence of 0.3 mM barium decreases the slope conductance to the same values regardless of the presence (closed squares) and absence of Mgo (open squares). Inset: open circles: Bao-sensitivity of currentvoltage relationship in the absence of Mgo, ie, the difference between Mgo sensitive current and Barium-inhibited current-voltage relationship at near 0 Mgo; filled circles: Mgo-sensitive current-voltage relationship, ie, difference between control and the current-voltage relationship at Mgo near 0 mM. It can be seen clearly that changing concentrations of extracellular divalent cation concentrations affect transmembrane conductance through voltage gated ion channels.

Keywords: BariumBariumconductancediagramDiagrammLeitfähigkeitmagnesiummagnesiumPurkinje strandPurkinje-FasernSpannungvoltage
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