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Houston RJF et al.  
Adenosine added to cardioplegic solution at low dose reduces functional recovery after normothermic ischaemia in isolated rat heart

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 1999; 2 (1): 110-112

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Linksventrikuläre Auswurffraktion - Ischämie
Figure 1: Experimental protocol. Left ventricular output reported during 5 min intervals (shaded boxes indicated at top of assessment period). "Switch" interval: switch from working to Langendorff, set up and flush infusion pump. (Second switch interval not needed, pump simply turned off.)

Keywords: Designexperimental protocolischaemiaIschämieleft ventricular ejection fractionlinksventrikuläre AuswurffraktionSchema
Linksventrikuläre Auswurffraktion - Ischämie
Figure 2: Left ventricular output normalized to 100 % at start of pre-ischaemic assessment (Pre 1). Hearts were stable for 20 min (until Pre 2). Functional recovery of adenosine-treated hearts (n = 5, dark bars) was less than that of control hearts (n = 5, grey bars) at start (Post 1) and end (Post 2) of assessment (* p < 0.05). Decline in performance of adenosine-treated hearts tended to be more rapid. Standard error of mean shown.

Keywords: DiagrammischaemiaIschämieleft ventricular ejection fractionlinksventrikuläre Auswurffraktion
Norprolac(R) - Quinagolid
Figure 73

Keywords: Indikation
Figure 80

Keywords: CabergolinDostinexIndikation
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