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Sabbah HN et al.  
Remodeling of the cardiac interstitium in the progression of heart failure

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 1999; 2 (1): 113-116

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Herzinsuffizienz - Progression
Figure 1: Bar graph (mean +/- SEM) depicting changes in volume fraction of reactive interstitial fibrosis (RIF), capillary density (C/F Ratio), oxygen diffusion distance (ODD) and average myocyte cross-sectional area (MCSA) in LV myocardium of normal dogs (NL), dogs with heart failure (CHF) sacrificed at 2 weeks (2w) and 4 months (4m) after the last embolization. *= p < 0.05 2w vs. 4m

Keywords: Diagrammheart failureHerzinsuffizienzProgressionProgression
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