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Gasser S et al.  
Free Intracellular Magnesium Remains Uninfluenced by Changes of Extracellular Magnesium in Cardiac Guinea Pig Papillary Muscle

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2005; 8 (1-4): 29-32

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Mg2+-ion-selective microelectrode
Figure 1: Mg2+-ion-selective microelectrode photographed by electrone microscopy. The ion-selective ligand can be seen in the tip of the microelectrode. The liquid junction potential indicating the individual Mg2+-concentration measured, arises at the surface between the reference solution and the ion-selective resin.

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Figure 2: Changing extracellular concentrations of Mg2+ does not influence intracellular magnesium levels. One can see a typical experiment lasting approximately 3 hours. The signal stabilises some minutes after impalement. The electrode is equilibrated at the end of the experiment. Upon changing extracellullar Mg2+ a small depolarisation of the membrane potential can be seen without influencing the Mg2+-subtraction potential.

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