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Gasser R et al.  
A Microarray and Real Time PCR Study on the Effect of Experimental Ischemia upon the Expression of the Insulin-Dependent Transmembrane Glucose Transport Molecule GLUT4 in Human Atrial Myocardium

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2006; 9 (1-4): 4-9

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Ischemia Experiments
Figure 1: Fluorescent image on 4 pooled ischemia experiments indicating different intensities of fluorescense reflecting expression of 23,401 genes detected. Intensity of fluorescence correlates with the amount of bound cDNA.

Keywords: BypassDeutschlandDiagrammfluorescenseFluoreszenzGengenePCISchweizÖsterreich
Figure 2: Relative difference in the expression of GLUT4 under ischemic and non-ischemic conditions (n = 8; ± SEM). Results show a trend towards a slight increase in expression, however no statistical significance could be seen.

Keywords: GLUT4
Real Time PCR
Figure 3: Amplification curves from Real Time PCR performed in human myocardial tissue samples under ischemic and control conditions.

Keywords: real time PCR
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