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The Role of Sympathetic Nervous Activity in Chronic Renal Failure

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2001; 4 (3): 179-182

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SNS-Überaktivität - Niereninsuffizienz
Figure 1: Sympathetic overactivity and disease progression in chronic renal failure

Keywords: hypertensionHypertonieNiereninsuffizienzoveractivityrenal failureSchemasympathetic nervous systemSympathikussympathisches NervensystemÜberaktivität
SNS-Überaktivität - Niereninsuffizienz
Figure 2: Synopsis of sympathetic activation in chronic renal disease and its inhibition by sympatholytic drugs

Keywords: NiereninsuffizienzOberactivityrenal failureSchemasympathetic nervous systemSympathikussympathisches Nervensystemsympatholytic drugsSympatholytikaÜberaktivität
Noradrenalinfreisetzung - Moxonidin
Figure 3A-B: A: Fractional noradrenaline (NA) release from superfused kidney slices of subtotally nephrectomised and control (sham) rats B: Albuminuria in controls, subtotally nephrectomised with and without moxonidine treatment [13]

Keywords: AlbuminuriaAlbuminurieDiagrammkidneyMoxonidinmoxonidineNephrectomyNephrektomieNiereNoradrenalinNoradrenalin
Noradrenalin - Angiotensin II
Figure 4: Control of noradrenaline release by local angiotensin II formation

Keywords: Angiotensin IIAngiotensin IIFreisetzungNoradrenalinNoradrenalinReleaseReninReninSchema
SNS - Co-Transmitter
Figure 5: Sympathetic cotransmitter effects in blood vessels and kidney

Keywords: blood vesselBlutgefäßkidneyNiereSchemasympathetic nervous systemSympathikussympathisches NervensystemTransmitterTransmitter
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