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Wenzel RR et al.  
Interaction of the Sympathetic Nervous System with other Pressor Systems in Antihypertensive Therapy

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2001; 4 (3): 185-192

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Moxonidin - SNS-‹beraktivitšt
Figure 4: Effect of the central sympathicolytic moxonidine on central SNS activity (muscle sympathetic nerve activity) as assessed by microneurography. Modified from reference [127]

Keywords: ActivityAktivitštDiagrammMicroneurographyMikroneurographieMoxonidinmoxonidinesympathetic nervous systemSympathikussympathisches Nervensystem
Moxonidin - Herzfrequenz
Figure 5: Effect of the central sympathicolytic moxonidine on heart rate (Details see text). Modified from reference [127]

Keywords: Diagrammheart rateHerzfrequenzMoxonidinmoxonidine
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