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Produktmonographie von Wyeth Lederle Pharma GmbH
Minesse (Gestodene 60 mcg/Ethinyl Estradiol 15 mcg)

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Minesse (Gestodene 60 mcg/Ethinyl Estradiol 15 mcg)

MINESSE—a low-dose 24-day regimen of GSD 60 mcg/EE 15 mcg—offers the lowest dose of EE with an associated reduction in GSD dose and a reduced pill-free interval. MINESSE should be considered as a first-choice COC, offering the well-recognized profile of GSD. The 24-day regimen reduces hormonal variability, effecting a more consistent inhibition of estrogen and progesterone and enhanced ovarian suppression compared to a 21-day regimen. Advanced benefits of this regimen may include a shorter duration and intensity of withdrawal bleeding and fewer discontinuations due to common COC-related side effects (nausea, breast pain, headache). MINESSE provides well-tolerated, effective contraception at the lowest dose available.

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