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Celovska D et al.
Relevance of Baroreflex Sensitivity in Hypertensives after Ischemic Stroke

Journal für Hypertonie - Austrian Journal of Hypertension 2012; 16 (2): 7-11

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The inappropriately active sympathetic nervous system in patients with arterial hypertension is an important etiopathogenetic factor that contributes also to disease progression and the resultant cardiovascular risk. In this study, BRS and BRSf values were more impaired in ischemic stroke patients (chronic phase) with essential hypertension than in stroke-free hypertensive patients. A significantly reduced BRS in hypertensives with stroke was associated with greater carotid IMT and bilateral carotid atherosclerosis. Examination of baroreflex sensitivity as a marker of autonomic dysfunction along with global cardiovascular risk stratification of individuals seems to be a method for identifying patients at high cardiovascular risk.
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