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Becker S et al.
Disadvantages of Balloon Kyphoplasty with PMMA - a Clinical and Biomechanical Statement

Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel & Muskuloskelettale Erkrankungen 2011; 18 (Supplementum 1): 9-12

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1. BKP is associated with early and late complications involving bone absorption and loss of straightening. 2. BKP-related complications appear to be caused by stress shielding and the stiffness of cements. 3. The creation of a cavity filled with cement causes greater stress shielding in patients with severe osteoporosis. 4. The negative biomechanical effects of BKP are not increased in cases of incompletely reduced fractures. 5. Especially in cases of severe osteoporosis and osteonecrosis, the use of BKP and similar procedures should be used with great caution.
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