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Grant R et al.  
Are You Interested in Performing Cochrane Reviews in Neuro-Oncology?

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2012; 2 (2): 84-87

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Fig. 1: Cochrane Neuro-Oncology Editorial Group Fig. 2: Neuro-oncology authors Fig. 3: Cochrane review

Keywords: braincentral nervous systemEvidence based Medicinerandomised controlled trialreview

In this article, we describe the newly formed Cochrane Neuro-Oncology webpage, which is a simple, fast source to find all Neuro- Oncology-related Cochrane Reviews. We describe where the reviews have been produced and identify areas where no high quality systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials exist. The Cochrane Collaboration is a world-wide, not-for-profit organisation which has information on > 0.6 million randomised controlled trials across all areas of healthcare. We describe the requirements for production of a Cochrane review, online help available, and personal support for prospective reviewers, available through the Cochrane Gynaecological and Orphan Cancer Review Group.
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