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Chrustalev OA et al.  
Talinolol in patients with stable angina pectoris and concomitant hypertension

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2000; 3 (2): 129-132

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Fig. 1: Angina pectoris - Nitroglyzerin Fig. 2: Talinolol - Hypertonie

Keywords: Angina pectorisHypertoniekardioselektive BetablockertalinololAngina pectoriscardioselective beta-blockerhypertensiontalinolol

This open, post marketing surveillance study evaluates the efficacy and tolerability of talinolol, a cardioselective beta-blocker with no intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, in the treatment of patients with stable angina pectoris and concomitant hypertension. Following a 7-day washout period, 25 adult patients received 100 mg talinolol once daily in the morning for 20 days as inpatients, and subsequently for three months on an outpatient basis. Clinical and haemodynamic parameters were assessed at baseline, after 24 hours, at the end of the inpatient stage at day 20, and following a further 70 days of outpatient treatment. The incidence of anginal attacks decreased from 4.2 0.5 per week at baseline to 0.9 0.3 per week after 20 days (p < 0.05) and to 0.6 0.2 per week (p < 0.05) at the end of the total 90 days? treatment. Parallel, reductions were seen in weekly nitroglycerine consumption. Adequate blood pressure control was achieved after 24 hours of treatment and was maintained over the entire treatment period. Compared to baseline values, systolic blood pressure decreased by 12.1 % after 24 hours and by 13.3 % at study endpoint (p < 0.05). Diastolic blood pressure values were reduced by 7.1 % (p < 0.05) and 14.3 % (p < 0.05) respectively. Other efficacy parameters (ie, heart rate, ECG monitoring, ergometric tests) showed further positive treatment effects. Talinolol was well tolerated, with no evidence of significant adverse events. An overall improvement in general health-related symptoms (headache, dizziness, sleep disorders etc.) was noted at the end of treatment. Talinolol at a dose of 100 mg once daily is thus an effective and well tolerated anti-anginal and anti-hypertensive agent in patients with ischaemic heart disease and concomitant hypertension. J Clin Basic Cardiol 2000; 3: 129-31.
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