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Scherer M et al.  
Journey of Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging into Daily Use: A Review

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2013; 3 (2): 61-67

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Fig. 1a-c: Seizures

Keywords: extent of resectionglioma surgeryintraoperative magnetic resonance imagingneurosurgerypatient survivalvolumetric analysis

The introduction of intraoperative MRI (iMRI) for resection guidance was a milestone of technical innovation in neurosurgery more than a decade ago. Based on the general opinion that more radical and preferably complete tumour resection leads to significantly longer survival of glioma patients, advantages of this method have become increasingly evident ever since. iMRI appears to be the most effective way to safely extend tumour resections and precisely delineate tumour boundaries in both highand low-grade tumours. This review covers recent literature illustrating the contribution of iMRI to more radical tumour resections and underscores why bringing this method into daily routine of glioma surgery was only a logical consequence.
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