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Mundigler G, Zehetgruber M  
Tissue Doppler Imaging: Myocardial Velocities and Strain - Are there Clinical Applications?

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (2): 125-132

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Fig. 2: Gewebe-Doppler Fig. 3a-b: Gewebe-Doppler

Keywords: diastolische FunktionEchokardiographieGewebedopplerStrain-Rate-Imagingsystolische Funktiondiastolic functionechocardiographymyocardial velocitystrain rate imagingsystolic functionTissue Doppler imaging

Assessment of regional wall motion plays a major role in daily routine echocardiography. However, reliable visual analysis remains challenging in a significant number of patients. Tissue Doppler and strain rate imaging are new techniques which provide velocities of the myocardial wall during the cardiac cycle and therefore allow quantification of both regional and global systolic and diastolic function.
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