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Altshuler VB et al.  
Aprotinine (Contrykal®) in the differential pharmacotherapy of the opiate withdrawal syndrome

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2000; 3 (3): 187-189

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Keywords: Aprotinindifferentielle Pharmakotherapiekomplementäre TherapieOpiatentzugssyndromaprotininecomplementary therapydifferential pharmacotherapyopiate withdrawal syndrome

Case studies in heroin addicts with opiate withdrawal syndrome (OWS) had shown good therapeutic effects after infusions (i.v.) of peptidase inhibitor aprotinine in some but not all patients. This study aims to reveal possible relationships between the pattern of OWS and the therapeutic efficacy of aprotinine. Two groups of heroin addicts with OWS - group 1 (70 patients) and group 2 (50 patients) - received standardized pharmacotherapy. Complementary, group 1 received one i.v. infusion of aprotinine and group 2 received i.m. injections of tramadol hydrochloride. At baseline and then daily for 5 days the severity of OWS symptoms was estimated by a 4-score scale in both groups. The treatment was more effective in group 1 (aprotinine). Within this group three subgroups were distinguished according to high, intermediate and low effectiveness of the aprotinine therapy. The effectiveness of aprotinine therapy was higher the more pronounced algesic and autonomic symptoms and the less depressive symptoms there were. Accordingly, a predominance of depressive disorders could correlate with less favourable treatment results. J Clin Basic Cardiol 2000; 3: 187-189.
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