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Sator MO et al.  
Vorteile für das Kinderwunschpaar in einem IVF-Zentrum am Beispiel der Universitätsfrauenklinik Wien

Journal für Fertilität und Reproduktion 2003; 13 (4) (Ausgabe für Österreich): 40-42

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Keywords: FertilitätIVF-ZentrumReproduktionWien

Infertility – a devastating diagnosis for many patients. It can threaten life perspectives and unsettle relationships. Approximately one out of six couples will remain without a child. Specialists will identify many reasons for this massive problem: From physical disorders to life-style issues. 10 public and 14 private institutes can offer diagnosis and treatment to the affected couples in Austria. Since the introduction of the IVF-Fonds (1.1.2000) the competition between the IVF-specialists has increased. Public IVF centres like the University Clinic of Gynaecology in Vienna will become more and more important for affected couples. Only there it is possible to receive diagnosis, IVF-treatment, pregnancy monitoring and medical care for childbirth also – simply everything is available under one roof.
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