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Martin KL  
Blastocyst Culture - Clinical and Future Applications

Journal für Fertilität und Reproduktion 2004; 14 (1) (Ausgabe für Österreich): 13-18
Journal für Fertilität und Reproduktion 2004; 14 (1) (Ausgabe für Schweiz): 10-14

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Keywords: blastozystBlastozystenkulturReproduktionsmedizin

In the last few years, methods for culturing human embryos in vitro have improved. This includes the development of sequential, serum-free culture media, which support the development of approximately 50 % of zygotes to the blastocyst stage in vitro. As a result, the application of blastocyst culture to clinical practice has become more common. Blastocyst culture benefits several areas of medicine including in vitro fertilisation, embryo cryopreservation, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and human embryonic stem cell derivation. However, there remains concern regarding the use of blastocyst culture, in particular, that the culture conditions for human embryo development are still sub-optimal and may negatively affect development. The long-term effects of blastocyst culture and transfer in IVF on offspring are also unknown. Areas of research aimed at improving human blastocyst culture in vitro are briefly discussed.
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