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Inconsistency in trials on mortality and morbidity in patients with pharmacologic antihypertensive treatment

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 1999; 2 (1): 123-125

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Keywords: antihypertensive TherapieMorbiditštMortalitštStudieantihypertensive treatmentmorbiditymortalitystudiestrial

In the ?classical? randomized controlled hypertension intervention trials there are inconsistent results in terms of the reduction of mortality and morbidity with pharmacological treatment. Reasons for these inconsistencies can be found in an insufficient sample size, high rates of dropouts and dropins, compliance and insufficient blood pressure control and power of the studies. Secular trends seem to confirm the underestimation of the therapeutic effect on mortality and morbidity. Further results of ongoing and beginning studies are necessary to clarify which is the best drug, dose and targed blood pressure to reduce mortality and morbidity with pharmacologic treatment of hypertension. J Clin Basic Cardiology 1999; 2: 123-5.
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