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Dorner T, Rieder A  
Epidemiologische Daten zur Hypertonie

Journal für Hypertonie - Austrian Journal of Hypertension 2004; 8 (Sonderheft 2): 4-9

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Keywords: EpidemiologieHypertonieÖsterreich

Internationally over the last decades, there was a decline in prevalence, above all, of high-grade hypertension and a clear increase in medical therapy. The prevalence of hypertension is, however, internationally and in Austria, still high. The results of various Austrian studies are presented in the following paper. In Vorarlberg prevalence of hypertension was 16.6 % for women and 21.8 % for men. For the 50–70 year olds from Graz prevalence of hypertension was 40 %. During health examinations in Vienna in the year 2001, 12.3 % of people examined were identified as suspected hypertensives. The prevalence of hypertension amongst blue collar workers in Vienna was 29.7 % and amongst white collar workers about 20 %. Screening checks in a supermarket chain in Vienna showed 38.2 % of customers to have hypertensive blood pressure values. In a screening program in Carinthia 34.4 % reported suffering from hypertension. Self reported prevalence of hypertension in a representative Austrian survey was 7.5 % in the age group 45–49 years, and as much as 20.7 % in the over 65 age group. According to the Health Microcensus 1999, 4.9 % of Austrian men and 6.4 % of women, reported suffering from hypertension. 7 % of Austrians reported regular blood pressure measurements as an indicator in the control of high blood pressure.
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