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Sympathikusaktivierung - Bedeutung für den Diabetiker

Journal für Hypertonie - Austrian Journal of Hypertension 2004; 8 (Sonderheft 2): 10-12

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Abb. 1: Autonome Imbalance

Keywords: Diabetes mellitusHypertonieSympathikus

Sympathetic activation or, more adequate, autonomic imbalance has been found associated with cardiovascular and total mortality in the general population. It is frequently observed in hypertensive patients. The present mini-review summarizes the evidence that patients with the metabolic syndrome or type-2 diabetes in particular exhibit sympathetic imbalance also in the absence of manifest hypertension. These findings not only suggest that autonomic imbalance is a further feature of the metabolic syndrome but also emphasize the possible benefits of targeted treatment in this cardiovascular high-risk population.
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