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Iselin CE et al.  
Robotic Prostatectomy: Soon Number 1 in Europe?

Journal für Urologie und Urogynäkologie 2008; 15 (1) (Ausgabe für Österreich): 21-22
Journal für Urologie und Urogynäkologie 2008; 15 (1) (Ausgabe für Schweiz): 17-18

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Keywords: LaparoskopieProstatektomieUrologielaparoscopic surgeryprostatectomyurology

Since 1990, laparoscopic surgery has undergone a tremendous evolution, pushed forward by the minimally invasive trend driven by our patients. Complex laparoscopic procedures, such as laparoscopic prostatectomy, have nevertheless faced significant difficulties, rendering them difficult to enter standard practice. However, robotic radical prostatectomy is expanding rapidly since the year 2000 especially in the USA, where actually approximately 70 % of radical prostatectomies are performed laparoscopically with the da Vinci system. This development is related to the facilitation the robot has brought to perform the difficult steps of laparoscopic prostatectomy. The functional outcome of robotic prostatectomy appears similar to the gold standard retropubic radical prostatectomy. This is also the case oncologically, although long-term data are needed for its final validation. The main problem of robotic prostatectomy is its high material cost, significantly superior to that of the conventional laparoscopic or retropubic technique. The near future will tell how European health systems will react to the American robotic epidemy.
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