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Frithz G  
Influence on Plasma-Insulin and Blood-Glucose by Treatment with Bisoprolol in Hypertensive, Non-Diabetic Patients

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2001; 4 (3): 229-230

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Keywords: BisoprololBlutglukoseHypertonieKardiologiePlasmainsulinBisoprololblood glucosecardiologyhypertensionplasma-insulin

Beta-blockers have been shown to worsen insulin resistance and deteriorate lipoprotein metabolism in hypertensive patients. However, beta-1 selective beta-blockers seem to offer some advantage over non-selective ones and the degree of beta-1 selectivity is of importance. Thirty patients with primary hypertension were treated with the highly beta-1 selective beta-blocker bisoprolol for three months. There was a highly significant reduction of the blood pressure but no changes in fasting plasma-glucose or plasma-insulin levels were observed.
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