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Licht AW, Kramer W  
Radiofrequency kyphoplasty: a new method for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral body compression fractures - a case report

Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel & Muskuloskelettale Erkrankungen 2011; 18 (Supplementum 1): 26-28

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Abb. 1: Thoracic vertebra Abb. 2: Thoracic vertebra Abb. 3a-f: Course of surgery Abb. 4: Thoracic vertebra

From January 2005 to December 2008, a total of 148 patients with 205 vertebral fractures were treated with the balloon kyphoplasty system of Medtronic Company at the Asklepios Südpfalzkliniken in Kandel. The outcome of the procedure was favourable. During this period, cement leakages were observed in 27 % of cases, and a pulmonary embolism requiring intervention occurred in one case. Since February 2009, 21 patients with 26 vertebral fractures have been manutreated by the new radiofrequency kyphoplasty procedure of DFine Company. Very good clinical results have been obtained with this method.
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