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Kros JM  
WHO Guidelines for Diagnosis of Glial Tumours: What Is Old and What Is New?

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2011; 1 (1): 9-12

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Keywords: CNSneurologyoncologyWHO

Histopathology remains crucial for basic classification and grading of CNS tumour entities. The usefulness of particular histological features has been proven while that of others appears not very reliable for classification, prognostication, or prediction. By now, integration of histopathology with molecular characteristics with prognostic or predictive value is at stake. Candidate histological and molecular parameters need to be tested for their relevance, reliability, and interdependency in prospective settings in order to optimize test batteries. For the relevant molecular changes, affordable tests which are practically applicable should be developed. The recent WHO editions have proven to be good guides in classification of CNS tumour entities and started to integrate molecular signatures into the definition of the entities. The gradual availability of evidence-based prognostic and predictive histological and molecular parameters will certainly affect the content of the editions in the near future.
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