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Medizinprodukte - Labortechnik: NEW: UV Decontamination in Labotect Incubator

Journal für Reproduktionsmedizin und Endokrinologie - Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology 2017; 14 (1): 36

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Abb. 1: Produkt: Labo C201<br>Vertrieb: Labotect GmbH Abb. 2: Produkt: Labo C201<br>Vetrieb: Labotect GmbH

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What does a most modern CO2 incubator need, supposed all precaution against contamination is not enough? Right – a decontamination routine; to ensure highest safety standards in your laboratory and for your customers.

Previous to every new load, a CO2 incubator should be cleansed to prevent cross-contamination. Besides the classical disinfection by wiping we now offer the optional UV decontamination.

Our newest: Labo C201

The decontamination cycle of our Labo C201 by short wave UV-C-radiation lasts 180 minutes and is to be started indi­vidually. If the door is opened, the process will stop immediately to prevent contact with the UV radiation.

To minimize the contamination risk from the start, the Labo C201 has a particle filter (P3) within airflow and also our active sterile humidity supply (sterile water from external water reservoir is vaporized at 120 °C into the interior). By the over-all direct heating of the inner walls and door the temperature is distributed homogeneous and no condensation points can emerge. All Labotect CO2 incubators have a dual beam infrared sensor to measure the CO2 concentration. This sensor provides very precise and long-term stable measurements with very short recovery times and is – in contrast to thermo conductivity sensors – independent from temperature and ­humidity.

To ensure highest quality standards, each of our incubators passes an individual cell test before delivery.

The menu guided 7’’ color touch display shows all important information at first view. All parameters are displayed graphically for the last 2 or 24 h (except for the actual and set point values). For your security against unauthorized door opening, the Labo C201 has an optional access control via numerical code on the touch screen with a mechanical unlocking in case of power failure (emergency release). A serial access port for an easy installation of additional devices (e.g. pH meter) is present.

Quality and Certification

Labotect is committed to quality standards. As one of the first medical device manufacturers in Germany, we have been certified according to ISO 13485 since 2003. For more information, please contact us.

Further information:
Labotect GmbH
P.O. Box 200212
37087 Göttingen

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