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Menopause - Andropause: Hormone replacement therapy through the ages
New cognition and therapy concepts
Herausgeber: Fischl F
1st. Edition 2001; ISBN 978-3-901299-34-6
304 pages, size 17 x 24 cm. Numerous figures and tables
40.00 EUR / 75.00 SFR
Available in all bookstores at the price of SFR 75.– / EUR 40.– (please note that the price may vary according to local tax-rates) or can be ordered directly from the publisher: Krause & Pachernegg, Postfach 21, A-3003 Gablitz, Austria.

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The book “Menopause – Andropause” provides an overview of the latest findings with respect to the manifold problems beginning with the menopause and osteoporosis from a psychological viewpoint and culminating in the most recent approaches to treatment. In addition this book discusses the latest findings about the ageing male, its causes, ways of maintaining his vitality and health, even until a high age. In individual chapters, the most well known authorities from different countries, mostly from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also from non-German speaking countries have addressed these issues on an interdisciplinary basis and have presented the latest research results. It is intended to comprehensively highlight the wideranging problems in this particular field, and ways of approaching and treating them, to interested colleagues of all medical disciplines, and also to the interested general practitioner.
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