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Menopause - Andropause: Hormone replacement therapy through the ages
New cognition and therapy concepts
Herausgeber: Fischl F
1st. Edition 2001; ISBN 978-3-901299-34-6
304 pages, size 17 x 24 cm. Numerous figures and tables
40.00 EUR / 75.00 SFR
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p. 2
Table of Contents
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pp. 4-5
Author's Index
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p. 6
Fischl F
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 9-10
Fischl F
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 11-14
Rieder A, Kunze M
Menopause and Andropause – The socio-medical viewpoint
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 15-20
Rosemeier HP, Schultz-Zehden B
Psychological aspects of menopause
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 21-28
Fischl F
Definition and pathophysiology
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 29-32
Kuhl H
Pharmacology of Estrogens and Gestagens
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 33-50
Wolf AS
Phytoestrogens - Value and Significance during Menopause
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 51-60
Fischl F
Premature Menopause: Clinical Significance and Therapeutic Options
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 61-66
Lauritzen C
Hormone Substitution before, during and after Menopause
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 67-88
Goldstein SR
Individualizing HRT with Lower-dose Regimes: Clinical Trial Review: Menopausal Symptoms and Bleeding Profile
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 89-100
Jellinger KA
Neuroendocrine Changes and Alzheimer Disease in Postmenopausal Women
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 101-120
Eckardstein A, Assmann G
Replacement of Steroids: Cardiovascular Effects and Influence on Cardiovascular Risk
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 121-134
Sator MO, Fischl F
The Importance of "Extragenital Symptoms" during Menopause
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 135-144
Schmidt JB
Perimenopausal Influence on Skin, Hair and Appendages
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 145-152
Petri E, Kölbl H
Effects of Hormone Replacement on the Urogenital Tract
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 153-158
Foth D, Römer Th
Postmenopausal Hyperandrogenemia (Android Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes mellitus) and the therapeutic Consequences
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 159-164
von Holst T, Salbach B
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Ignorance, Misconceptions, Fears
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 165-172
Schneider HPG, Jackisch C
Reproductive Cancer and Hormone Replacement
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 173-204
Fischl F
Contraception in the Premenopause
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 205-210
Burckhardt P
Aetiology and Pathogenesis of female Osteoporosis
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 211-216
Dambacher MA, Kissling R, Neff M, Qin L
Osteoporosis: Where do we stand - Where are we heading? Diagnostic possibilities.
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 217-226
Loch EG
Critical Evaluation of the different Ultrasound Methods of Imaging Techniques applicable to the Bone
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 227-234
Birkhäuser M
Prophylaxis of Osteoporosis with Estrogens
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 235-250
Ziegler R
Differential Treatment of Osteoporosis with Medicaments
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 251-266
Fischl F
The Attractiveness of Man through the Ages
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 267-272
Huber JC
The extragenital effects of hormones in women and in men - a comparison
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 273-278
Lunenfeld B
The Ageing Male
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 279-292
Lunglmayr G
Androgen Deficiency in the Ageing Male: Potential Clinical Importance and Therapeutic Consideration
Volltext (PDF)   
p. 302
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 303-304
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