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Gaspardone A et al.  
The Enhanced Vasoreactivity of the Culprit Lesion in Unstable Angina is Associated with an Increased Local Release of Endothelin-1

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (1): 87-92

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Stenose - Durchmesser
Figure 1: Plot of the luminal diameter of the coronary stenosis (A) and of the proximal (B), middle (C) and distal (D) angiographically normal-appearing coronary segments at baseline, during cold pressor test (CPT) and after intracoronary nitroglycerine administration (NTG). Black circles indicate patients with unstable angina and white circles indicate patients with stable angina. *: significantly different vs baseline; +: significantly different unstable vs stable angina.

Keywords: Cold Pressure TestCold Pressure Testculprit lesionCulprit-LäsionDiagrammDiameterDurchmesserKältetestLumenLumennitroglycerineNitroglyzerinStenoseStenosis
Stenting - Endothelin-1
Figure 2: Endothelin-1 levels in blood sampled proximally and distally to the site of dilatation, before (Pre-stenting) and after (Poststenting) coronary artery stent implantation in patients with stable (shaded bars) and unstable (striped bars) angina. *: significantly different vs baseline (pre-stenting); +: significantly different unstable vs stable angina.

Keywords: ConcentrationDiagrammendothelin-1endothelin-1instabile Angina pectorisKonzentrationStabile Angina pectorisstable angina pectorisStentStentunstable angina pectoris
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