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Issue 1/2002
McGuigan JAS
pp. 2-3
p. 4
McGuigan JAS, Elder HY, Günzel D, Schlue W-R
Magnesium Homeostasis in Heart: A Critical Reappraisal
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pp. 5-22
Grunert S, Ebel D, Schlack W, Thämer V
Intracoronary and Intravenous Magnesium Does Not Reduce Myocardial Infarct Size in a Canine Model of Regional Ischaemia and Reperfusion
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pp. 23-28
Halestrap AP
The Mitochondrial Permeability Transition - A Pore Way for the Heart to Die
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pp. 29-41
Classen HG
Magnesium-L-Aspartate Hydrochloride: Experimental and Clinical Data
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pp. 43-47
Vormann J, Anke M
Dietary Magnesium: Supply, Requirements and Recommendations - Results From Duplicate and Balance Studies in Man
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pp. 49-53
Stühlinger H-G
Magnesium in Cardiovascular Disease
PDF    Summary   
pp. 55-59
Elwood PC, Pickering J
Magnesium and Cardiovascular Disease: A Review of Epidemiological Evidence
PDF    Summary   
pp. 61-66
Satur CMR
Magnesium and Its Role in Cardiac Surgical Practice: A Review
PDF    Summary   
pp. 67-73
Vanderheyden PML, Fierens FLP, Vauquelin G, Verheijen I
The In Vitro Binding Properties of Non-Peptide AT1 Receptor Antagonists
PDF    Summary   
pp. 75-82
Berezin AE
Angiotensin-II Receptor Antagonist Losartan Dose-Dependently Improves the Left Ventricular Remodelling in Patients With Congestive Heart Failure
PDF    Summary   
pp. 83-86
Gaspardone A, Chiariello L, Crea F, Ferri C, Gallo P, Ghini AS, Gioffrè PA, Santucci A, Tomai F, Versaci F
The Enhanced Vasoreactivity of the Culprit Lesion in Unstable Angina is Associated with an Increased Local Release of Endothelin-1
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pp. 87-92
Illien S, Becher H, Lüderitz B, MacCarter D, Omran H, Rabahieh R, Schimpf R, Schmidt H, Tiemann K, von der Recke G
A Prospective Comparison of Harmonic Transthoracic and Transesophageal Echocardiography for Identifying Left Atrial Thrombi in Patients with Atrial Flutter and/or Fibrillation Prior to Cardioversion
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pp. 93-99
Karpuz H, Ayan F, Hacioglu Y, Koldas L
Short-Term Regression of Left Ventricular Mass After Aortic Valve Replacement in Aortic Stenosis With Left Ventricular Concentric Hypertrophy
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pp. 101-102
Lupescu G, Lopez Collado A, Lupescu G Jr, Perciun G
The Spironolactone Test
PDF    Summary   
p. 103
Ricci S, Capocaccia R, Manna P, Piscicelli C, Serra GB, Trimboli A
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Mortality for Ischaemic Heart Disease, Cerebrovascular Diseases and Breast Cancer in Italy and the U.S.A.
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pp. 105-108
Steeds RP, Channer K, Emery C, Morice A
Altered Coronary Arterial Reactivity Following Pharmacological Perinatal Interventions
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pp. 109-114
Sochman J, Fridl P, Vaskova V, Voska L, Vrbska J
A Free-Floating Right Atrial Thrombus: Playing a Squash Match with Badminton Equipment. An Old Problem Managed by a New Technique.
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pp. 115-117
Letters to the Editor
p. 119
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