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Nakai K et al.  
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for Glioblastoma: A Phase-I/II Clinical Trial at JRR-4

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2014; 4 (3): 116-123

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Figure 1: The concept of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT).

Keywords: BNCTboron neutron capture therapy
GBM patient
Figure 2a-b: (a) Serial MRI image of the GBM patient treated with protocol IV. The scalp was unremarkable. Hair loss continued for more than 1 year. (b) Recurrent GBM patient who underwent BNCT after 60-Gy irradiation. The tumour was stable for more than 3 years.

Keywords: GBMglioblastomaMRItumour
Figure 3: Kaplan-Meyer survival curve of BNCT-treated patients (n = 16) with newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Median overall survival of grade-IV patients was 22.3 months.

Keywords: BNCTchartglioblastoma
Figure 4: Scheme of the Linac-based BNCT facility at the University of Tsukuba and photographs of the installed equipment

Keywords: BNCTscheme
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