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Rupp H et al.  
Saving Lives Post-MI: Highly Purified Omega-3 PUFAs for the Prevention of Sudden Death

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (3): 209-214

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GISSI-P - Endpunkte
Figure 2: Nested endpoints classification used in GISSI-Prevenzione. All endpoints were confirmed by a blinded Endpoint Validation Committee. CVD = cardiovascular (CV) death (any CV cause); CD = cardiac death (any cardiac cause); CHD = coronary death (any coronary cause); data from [8]

Keywords: EndpointEndpunktGISSI-P studyGISSI-P-StudieSchema
GISSI-P - Risikoreduktion
Figure 3: Use of highly purified omega-3 PUFAs in GISSI-Prevenzione was associated with significant reductions in the risk of a primary endpoint event (light bars) and reductions in the risk of several forms of cause-specific mortality (dark bars). Vitamin E alone had no significant effect on either primary outcome and the combination of highly purified omega-3 PUFAs plus vitamin E was not different from highly purified omega-3 PUFAs alone. Risk reductions derived from 4-way analysis; data from [9]

Keywords: DiagrammEndpointEndpunktGISSI-P studyGISSI-P-Studieomega-3 fatty acidOmega-3-FettsäurePUFAPUFAreductionReduktionRisikoriskVitamin EVitamin E
GISSI-P-Studie - Plötzlicher Herztod
Figure 4: There was evidence for a significant reduction in sudden death with highly purified omega-3 PUFAs in the GISSI-Prevenzione study after 4 months of treatment. Most of the early reduction in total mortality (p = 0.037 at 3 months) was attributable to the reduction in sudden death; modified from [9] (Calculated adjusting for treatment interaction and major confounding variables)

Keywords: DiagrammGISSI-P studyGISSI-P-Studieomega-3 fatty acidOmega-3-Fettsäureplötzlicher HerztodPUFAPUFAsudden death
Omega-3-Fettsäuren - Arrhythmien
Figure 5: Highly purified omega-3 PUFAs occupy a unique niche among post-MI medications, being the only therapy to target directly the electrical instability of the myocardium

Keywords: AntiarrhythmicsAntiarrhythmikumarrhythmiaArrhythmiemyocardiumMyokardomega-3 fatty acidOmega-3-FettsäurePUFAPUFASchema
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