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Ising H et al.  
Work noise as a risk factor in myocardial infarction

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 1999; 2 (1): 64-68

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Lärmwahrnehmung - Lärmwirkung
Figure 1: Model of noise perception and psychophysiological effects of noise, risk factors and cardiovascular diseases

Keywords: cardiovascular diseasekardiovaskuläre ErkrankungLärmnoisePhysiologiephysiologyPsychologiepsychologyRisikofaktorrisk factorSchema
Figure 2: Interaction model of noise-induced endocrine reactions ad electrolyte shifts resulting in increased cardiovascular risk

Keywords: cardiovascular riskelectrolyteElektrolytendocrinologyEndokrinologiekardiovaskuläres RisikoLärmnoiseSchema
Figure 3: Relative risk (RR) of MI in men (and 95 % confidence intervals) by work noise category. Work noise was assessed by subjective loudness comparison with typical noise sources (1+2: refrigerator + typewriter, 3: electric lawn-mower, 4: electric drill, 5: road drill). Relative risk of MI (ICD 410) was adjusted for covariates (smoking, body mass index, age, social class, education, marital status, shift work, housing area) using logistic analysis.

Keywords: DiagrammLärmmyocardial infarctionMyokardinfarktnoiseRisikorisk
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