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Blanc-Guillemaud V et al.  
Cellular Electrophysiological Changes in Rats with Heart Failure and Ventricular Arrhythmias - in Vitro-in Vivo Correlations

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2005; 8 (1-4): 23-28

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ECG - PMI5 group.
Figure 1: Example of lead II ECG recorded by telemetry from a rat of PMI5 group. Note the presence of frequent spontaneous VPBs.

Keywords: ECGEKGPMI5
AP duration
Figure 2: AP duration (APD 90) as a function of basic cycle length in the 4 groups (CTRL1, CTRL5, PMI1, PMI5).

Keywords: AktionspotentialAP durationdiagramDiagramm
Figure 3: Illustration of a DAD following a train of 20 stimuli at 3 Hz. The first action potential reached threshold producing a triggered arrhythmia. The final oscillation (15 mV) is a DAD that failed to reach threshold.

Keywords: DAD
Figure 4: Illustration of an EAD that occurred during the 2 minutes of quiescence between 2 trains of stimulation. Abnormal sustained rhythm develops after the second action potential with EAD.

Keywords: EAD
Tyrode’s solution
Figure 5: Proportion of automaticity in rats of the 4 groups at different pacing rates (0.1–5 Hz) in modified Tyrode’s solution.

Keywords: diagramDiagrammTyrode Lösungtyrodes solution
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