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Fry CH, Roosen A  
Urothelial Targets in the Overactive bladder

Journal für Urologie und Urogynäkologie 2007; 14 (1) (Ausgabe für Österreich): 20-23
Journal für Urologie und Urogynäkologie 2007; 14 (1) (Ausgabe für Schweiz): 19-22

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Urothelial/Suburothelial Layer
Abbildung 1: Schematic representation of the urothelial/suburothelial layer of the bladder wall. The urothelium has a surface layer of umbrella cells with basal and intermediate cells below. This is separated by a basement membrane from a suburothelial layer that contains blood vessels, small unmyelinated and myelinated fibres, as well as a syncytium of myofibroblasts. Many of these cells are concentrated towards the urothelial layer.

Keywords: bladderHarnblaseSchemaschemeUrologieUrothel
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