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Kolb H-J et al.  
Assessment of the optimal atrioventricular delay in patients with dual chamber pacemakers using impedance cardiography and Doppler echocardiography

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 1999; 2 (2): 237-240

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Impedanzkardiographie - AV-Intervall
Figure 1: Pat. P. S. (male; aged 37, DDD pacemaker Biotronik Logos implanted for 3rd degree AV block). Stroke volume and cardiac output were measured by impedance cardiography at various atrioventricular delays (DDD stimulation, rate 90 bpm).

Keywords: AV-delayBiotronikcardiac indexcardiac indexheart rateHerzfrequenzimpedance cardiographyImpedanzkardiographieLOGOSLOGOSpacemakerSchlaganfallSchrittmacherstroke volume
Echokardiographie - AV-Intervall
Figure 2: Pat. H. D. (male, aged 83, DDD pacemaker ELA Chorus 6244 implanted for 2nd degree AV block). Doppler echocardiographic measurement (continuous wave Doppler) of velocity-timeintegral of aortic flow (atrial sensed AVD 141 ms).

Keywords: AV-delayAV-IntervallechocardiographyEchokardiographieELA ChorusELA ChoruspacemakerSchrittmacher
Figure 3: Increase in stroke volume (ml) following use of optimal atrioventricular delay measured by impedance cardiography at rest (VDD stimulation)

Keywords: AV-delayAV-IntervallDiagrammimpedance cardiographyImpedanzkardiographieSchlaganfallvolumenstroke volume
Figure 4: Increase in stroke volume (ml) following use of optimal atrioventricular delay at a higher rate DDD stimulation (f = 90 bpm)

Keywords: AV-delayAV-IntervallDiagrammSchlaganfallvolumenstroke volume
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