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Issue 2/1999
Opie LH, Gasser R, Stefenelli T
Calcium antagonists - a round table discussion on dihydropyridines in an Epicurean environment
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pp. 153-154
Nayler WG
Calcium antagonists: past, present and future - a personal view
PDF    Summary   
pp. 155-161
Fagard RH
Dihydropyridines and the treatment of hyerptension
PDF    Summary   
pp. 163-166
Opie LH
Hypertension in the elderly and calcium antagonists
PDF    Summary   
pp. 167-168
Gasser R, Klein W, Köppel H
Lercanidipine, a new third generation Ca-antagonist in the treatment of hypertension
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pp. 169-174
Ruschitzka FT, Lüscher TF, Noll G
Calcium antagonists and endothelial function
PDF    Summary   
pp. 175-180
Kickenweiz E, Gasser R, Köppel H, Moosbrugger B
The rationale of using calcium antagonists in the treatment of ischaemic heart disease
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pp. 181-186
Sandmann S, Unger T
L- and T-type calcium channel blockade - the efficacy of the calcium channel antagonist mibefradil
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pp. 187-201
Auer J, Eber B
Current aspects of statins
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pp. 203-208
Franken PR, Block P
BMIPP imaging for assessing myocardial viability in acute and chronic left ventricular dysfunction
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pp. 209-212
The SWAN Study Group
The SWAN Study Group
Comparison of the antiischaemic and antianginal effects of nicorandil and amlodipine in patients with symptomatic stable angina pectoris: the SWAN study
PDF    Summary   
pp. 213-217
Waters J, Ashford J, Jäger B, Verboom CN, Wonnacott S
for the TOPIC Investigators
Use of moxonidine as initial therapy and in combination in the treatment of essential hypertension - results of the TOPIC (Trial Of Physiotens In Combination) Study
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pp. 219-224
Boeken U, Feindt P, Gams E, Micek M, Mohan E, Petzold Th
The influence of extracorporeal circulation and inflammatory responses such as SIRS and sepsis on secretion of procalcitonin (PCT)
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pp. 225-227
Salvadori A, Arreghini M, Bolla G, Fanari P, Giacomotti E, Longhini E, Miserocchi G, Palmulli P
Cardiovascular and adrenergic response to exercise in obese subjects
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pp. 229-236
Kolb H-J, Böhm U, Mende M, Neugebauer A, Pfeiffer D, Rother T
Assessment of the optimal atrioventricular delay in patients with dual chamber pacemakers using impedance cardiography and Doppler echocardiography
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pp. 237-240
Szili-Török T, Gingl Z, Halmai L, Kardos A, Rudas L
Windowed FFT - a time-variant spectral analysis: applicability during the head-up tilt test
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pp. 241-244
Szili-Török T, Dibó G, Kardos A, Paprika D, Rudas L
Abnormal cardiovascular autonomic regulation in Parkinson's disease
PDF    Summary   
pp. 245-247
Volozh O, Abina J, Deev A, Goldsteine G, Kalyuste T, Kaup R, Olferiev A, Solodkaya E
Lipid disorders and their changes in postsocialist Estonia
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 249-253
Gasser R, Byon YK, Fleckenstein A, Fleckenstein-Grün G, Frey G
Some observations on Ca-overload in rat ventricular tissue
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 255-258
Wicher C, Biewald G-A
Left-ventricular dysfunction, heart vagus influences and angiotensin II effects after doxorubicin perfusion in isolated rat hearts
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 259-266
Barsotti A, Di Crecchio A, Di Muzio M, Di Napoli P, Modesti A, Soccio M, Spoletini L
Acute post-ischaemic ventricular changes: role of microcirculatory trouble and myocardial oedema in isolated working rat hearts
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pp. 267-274
Cugini P, Bernardini F, Cammarota C, Cedrone L, Curione M, Danese C, Proietti E
Evidence that the information entropy estimating the nonlinear variability of human sinusial R-R intervals shows a circadian rhythm
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pp. 275-278
Latific-Jasnic D, Gabrijelcic T, Rakovec P, Ruzic-Medvescek N, Zorman D
Aborted sudden death during sports activity due to anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary trunk - dilemmas concerning surgical repair of the anomaly
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 279-280
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