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Gasser R et al.  
Quantification of GLUT4 Gene Expression in Human Atrial Myocardium of Hypertensive Patients and the Effect of Experimental Ischaemia Thereupon

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2007; 10 (1-4): 1-6

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Figure 1: The amount of cycles needed for the amplification curve to exceed the background fluorescence (dashed line) represents the CT value. The quantity of myocardial cellular GLUT4 gene expression is shown as relative difference, which is calculated from the CT values of the housekeeping and the GLUT4 PCR.

Keywords: amplification curveAmplifikationskurveGLUT4
Hypertensive Patients
Figure 2: Mean ± SEM of the relative myocardial cellular GLUT4 gene expression in the three tested groups displays clearly the lower GLUT4 expression in hypertensive patients directly snap-frozen during cardiac surgery, not equilibrated with 100 % O2.

Keywords: DiagrammflowchartGLUT4hypertensionHypertonie
Expression of GLUT4
Figure 3: Relative difference in the expression of GLUT4 under ischaemic and non-ischaemic conditions (n = 8; ± SEM) in hypertensive, diabetic and control subjects. Results show slight trends in GLUT4 mRNA expression, however no statistical significance could be seen in either group.

Keywords: DiagrammflowchartGLUT4ischaemiaIschämie
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