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Issue 1-4/2007
Gasser R, Gasser S, Ablasser K, Scherr E, Roessl U, Lewinski D, Mangge H, Dellacher A, Mächler H, Trantina-Yates A, Tscheliessnigg KH
Quantification of GLUT4 Gene Expression in Human Atrial Myocardium of Hypertensive Patients and the Effect of Experimental Ischaemia Thereupon
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pp. 1-6
Drexel H, Rein P, Hostalek U, Kastelein J
Clinical Experience With Prolonged-Release Nicotinic Acid in Statin-Treated Patients Managed in the Usual-Care Setting in Austria: An Analysis from Niaspan®-Induced HDL-Elevation for Optimizing Risk Control (NEMO) Study
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pp. 7-10
Kurian GA, Paddikkala J
Effect of Intra-Operative Magnesium Supplementation in Plasma Antioxidant Levels, Trace Elements and Electrolyte Balance in Serum of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients
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pp. 11-15
Klainman E, Yosefy C, Caspi A, Landau A, Vishnitzer R, Fink G
Recovery Kinetics of Oxygen Uptake in Patients with Various Degrees of Coronary Artery Disease
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pp. 16-19
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