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Drexel H et al.  
Clinical Experience With Prolonged-Release Nicotinic Acid in Statin-Treated Patients Managed in the Usual-Care Setting in Austria: An Analysis from Niaspan®-Induced HDL-Elevation for Optimizing Risk Control (NEMO) Study

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2007; 10 (1-4): 7-10

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NEMO study
Figure 1: Incidences of flushing during the NEMO study. Percentages refer to overall populations (n = 220 for the Austrian population and n = 1053 for the overall population). The severity of flushes was rated by study investigators.

Keywords: AustriaDiagrammflowchartNEMO studyNEMO-StudieÖsterreich
Lipid profiles
Figure 2: Effects on lipid profiles (means ± SE).

Keywords: DiagrammflowchartLIPIDlipid profileNEMO studyNEMO-Studie
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