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Elgeti F, Gebauer B  
Radiofrequency Kyphoplasty for the Treatment of Osteoporotic and Neoplastic Vertebral Body Fractures - Preliminary Experience and Clinical Results after 6 Months

Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel & Muskuloskelettale Erkrankungen 2011; 18 (Supplementum 1): 5-9

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Treated segment
Abbildung 1: Treated segment levels/numbers

Keywords: flowchartmineral researchMineralstoffwechsel
Treated Patients
Abbildung 2: Underlying diseases in the treated patients/treated segments

Keywords: flowchartmineral researchMineralstoffwechsel
Vertebral body compression fracture
Abbildung 3a-f: 3: Case 1: Vertebral body compression fracture at the twelfth thoracic vertebra, age of fracture 7 days, Grade 1, (a) lateral X-ray, (b) sagittal PDw fs MRT, (c) lateral Xray after treatment, (d–f) unilateral augmentation (antero-posterior fluoroscopy): after an initial central cement depot, additional PMMA was applied and finally the anterior margin of the vertebra was well supported. Controlled penetration to the posterior margin. Result: symmetrical distribution of cement, mild anterior reconstruction of height and correction of kyphosis.

Keywords: mineral researchMineralstoffwechselvertebral body compression fracture
Neoplastic osteolysis
Abbildung 4a-b: Case 2: Neoplastic osteolysis – thymoma metastasis. (a) Pre-interventional CT with extensive involvement of the posterior margin. (b) The control CT confirms safe and central introduction of the cement.

Keywords: mineral researchMineralstoffwechselneoplastic osteolysis
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