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Santini M et al.  
Controversies in the Prevention of Sudden Death

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2001; 4 (4): 275-278

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MADIT-STudie - Überleben
Figure 1: Survival of ICD versus conventional therapy in MADIT trial patients subdivided according to the median value of left ventricular ejection fraction (0.26)

Keywords: cardioverterDefibrillatorDefibrillatorDiagrammICDICDKardioverterleft ventricular ejection fractionlinksventrikuläre AuswurffraktionMADITMADITStudiestudysurvivalÜberleben
CIDS-Studie - Mortalität
Figure 2: CIDS trial. Left: mortality rate in quartiles of ascending risk of death, according to increasing age, decreasing LVEF and NYHA class III or IV; right: actual number of deaths according to quartiles of risk and treatment randomisation; conv. = conventional

Keywords: cardioverterCIDSCIDSDefibrillatorDefibrillatorICDICDKardiovertermortalityMortalitätStudiestudy
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